view of los padres nat'l forest
We are very proud to announce that today we have 4 volunteers that have actively been with us since we opened in the fall of 1999.

Each of these volunteers has their story to tell. The dates they came to us and their stories are...

Roz Roz: Started 11/22/99

We retired from jobs in Pennsylvania and moved to Santa Barbara. How great it was to hike and picnic in the Los Padres National Forest! Through volunteering at the Outdoors Santa Barbara Visitor Center I've learned that there are more government-protected areas nearby...the Channel Islands and the Marine Sanctuary. The best part of volunteering at the Outdoors Barbara Visitor Center is sharing this beautiful area with visitors to the center. The information visitors have shared with me and the questions they've asked have increased my knowledge of the Santa Barbara area.

Bob Bob: Started 1/6/00

I work at the VC primarily to meet people from all over the world, and when there is time, talk to them about the historical aspects of the area, the legends, the trails, the islands, and why it is such a neat place to live.

priscilla Priscilla: Started 12/2/99

The Outdoors Santa Barbara Visitor Center is a special place. I enjoy helping newcomers and locals appreciate all there is to see-the natural setting from the mountain ridges and foothills, across the channel to the wonderful Channel Islands National Park. Each day and season is different and unique and it is always a treat to be there at the Outdoors Santa Barbara Visitor Center.

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